ARCH 602 Final Project

ARCH 602 centers on the development and completion of a student initiated and defined architectural design project. Working independently with major + minor advisors, students develop a final project based on the framework produced in ARCH 603 (Final Project prep). The projects below represent a range of topics from recent years.

One Interplanetary Leap for Mankind: Designing for Mars
Matt Jennings

2016, Advisors: Joshua Coggeshall & George Elvin

Living with Water
Bryan Beerman

2015, Advisors: Harry Eggink, Lohren Deeg, Michel Mounayar, & Simon Bussiere

Pushing Back: Using Algorithms to Rid our Schools of Bullying & Discrimination
Carissa Clohessy

2015, Advisors: Karen Keddy & Tony Costello

Actively Outside
Jesse McClain

2014, Advisors: Wes Janz & Karen Keddy

What Makes Space Sacred: a Sojourn
Matthew C. Nichols

2014, Advisors: Joshua Coggeshall & George Elvin

Tianxiao Peng

2013, Advisors: Janice Shimizu & Josh Vermillion

Indianapolis Water Stop: Southside Water Center
Rebecca A. Staley

2011, Advisors: Wes Janz & Ana de Brea

PHYS40+: Sustaining the Human Body through Architecture
Nicholas R. Respecki

2011, Advisors: Andrea Swartz & George Elvin

Kyle Perry, Elizabeth Boone, Adam Buente, & Eric Brockmeyer

2010, Advisors: Joshua Coggeshall, Paul Puzzelo, Donna Sink, & Mahesh Senagala

Holistic Community: Exploring the Urban Ecovillage & Reconnecting Communities with their Basic Needs
Nick Alexander

2010, Advisors: Joshua Coggeshall & Harry Eggink