Student Testimonials

Noah Porter.jpg

Noah Porter

Beach Grove, IN
Undergrad: Ball State University

Noah appreciates the opportunity to start the masters program in the Indy center and the community oriented slant to the program and the projects we are currently working on. He is also very enthusiastic about the renovations at CAP:Muncie.

Jade Moore.jpg

Jade Sherdan Moore

Albuquerque NM
Undergrad: University of New Mexico

Since Jade moved to Indiana, she had enjoyed getting to know the state through the studio projects. Our first project took place in Columbus IN which is a perfect example of how community is important in smaller towns. Jade also appreciates the resources that are available at the Indy center and learning the needs of Indianapolis.

Brittany Williams.jpg

Brittany Williams

Indianapolis IN
Undergrad: Ball State University

“I am excited to be returning to Ball State for my masters degree. Already within the first two weeks I feel like I’m being challenged and pushed to my fullest potential. I love that the projects are centered around the local community, It’s a great opportunity to get to know the area and actually make a difference.”

Josh Cannaday.jpg

Josh Cannaday

Indianapolis, IN
Undergrad: Ball State University

“I chose to do my Masters at Ball State because of the familiarity because of doing my undergrad here. Knowing the Professors and what their expectations are made the decision easier to choose to come to Ball State. Also, the fact that there was a revamp in the Master program is what caught my attention. This master program is more aligned with my style of thinking and design. Being in Indy is a great opportunity for networking when looking for suitable locations to begin and continue my career in architecture. Being in Indy gives a new opportunity and perspective for the way that we can design the cities of the future. I am really impressed with the CAP: INDY center. It has some ways to go but is a great location and facility to house the Master of Architecture program.”

Drew Fairchild.jpg

Drew Fairchild

Brownsburg, Indiana
Undergrad: Ball State University

Drew has very enthusiastically stated that it is great to be within the Indy community for graduate school and that he is excited to work on design-build projects downtown. He explains that, “It is a different school setting being off-campus but in a good way.” We have a very diverse class this year so it is interesting to see the different colleges that people come from and the different backgrounds that they bring. Drew also has the opportunity to work at Ruckus for his GAship and is excited to work with the different amenities offered there, specifically wood working, metal, CNC, and the plasma cutter.

Alexis Russell

Indianapolis, IN
Undergrad: University of Kentucky

“CAP Indy is the place to be. The studio space is incredible and being located in downtown Indianapolis is a wonderful opportunity for educational enrichment.”

Zach Benge

Mooresville, IN
Undergrad: Ball State University

Zach appreciates the open floor plan of the new studio and its potential to invite collaboration between students and other organizations that may be using the space. The ability to talk to peers is also a huge plus! He is also excited about the location in Indy because it brings a lot of potential for large scale projects.

Michael Timberlake.jpg

Michael Timberlake

Indianapolis, IN
Undergrad: Purdue University

So far Michael loves that the new CAP program is located downtown Indianapolis. He believes that the city “has energy that is inspiring to architectural design.” Michael is excited to utilize our resources to explore new technology that will hopefully inspire new considerations for his thesis.