Student Projects


The department offers multiple design/build studios that develop skills and allow students to test their ideas on a range of scales and project types. Our computer and digital fabrication lab, 3-D simulation, preservation lab, and design/build woodshop support the diverse learning and research activities.

Digital Design and Fabrication

Design computation and digital fabrication which encourages students to pursue a broad spectrum of inquiries in the translation of digital processes.


The comprehensive building design studio focuses on the ability to synthesize a wide range of variables into an integrated design solution.


Graduate architecture workshop involves exploratory architectural projects over a 5 week period. This can be taken during first or second summer session.


Graduate architecture studio which involves topical architectural problems. Students are expected to increasingly define their own interests and take initiative in defining design concepts, tasks, and opportunities.


Development and completion of a student initiated and defined architectural design project. Working independently with major + minor advisors, students develop final project based on framework produced in ARCH 603 (Final Project prep).