Madjax Muncie is a center for innovation and design; it brings together makers of all kinds converting the energy of ideas, power of problem solving and grit of making into entrepreneurship.

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Indy Center

Indy Center.jpg

The CAP Indy Center is our home base for course work and a landing spot for our community-based projects in the Indianapolis area. Currently located in on Washington St, the Indy Center provides students from the M.Arch and M.U.D. programs the opportunity to collaborate on projects and experience urban design and architecture first-hand.

HIVE: Design Collective

HIVE: Design Collective is a thought leader connected to and shaping the global discourse brought about by disruptive innovations in digital technologies within the disciplines of design and manufacturing. The design collective works within contemporary discourses of architecture, science, technology and industry to forecast and direct future advancements and discussions within the built environment.

The collective consists of the following faculty at Ball State University's College of Architecture & Planning:

James F. Kerestes (Director)
Kevin Klinger (Founder iMADE)
Daniel Eisinger (Operations Manager)

Fabrication Resources

We believe strongly in making, and our students have excellent access to an array of digital fabrication tools. In addition, we have launched a wiki and question and answer site to help students make the most of the tools, both software and hardware, at their disposal.

Architecture Library

The Architecture Library features collections and services that support research in architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, and historic preservation. Check out what's going on in our library by visiting the Architecture Library Pinterest boards.

Drawings and Documents Archive

The Drawings + Documents Archive contains over 120,000 original architectural drawings, landscape plans, blueprints, photographs, models, and building remnants that tell the stories of Indiana’s sites and structures. Check out the Archive's new video to learn how this unique resource works, and how you can make it work for you and your projects.

Muncie Makes Lab

Muncie Makes is a design/build, make, discuss, display, and workshop lab for students, faculty, staff from Ball State University and the Muncie community. See what's going on at Muncie Makes on FacebookInstagram, or the Downtown Muncie Calendar.