CAP Lecture Series 2016-17  

The College of Architecture and Planning hosts world-class lecturers who enrich our learning community with their ideas and directly engage with students during their visits.
All lectures are free, open to the public, and start
 at 4:00pm in AB100 unless otherwise noted.


September 12
Andrew Kovacs, UCLA AUD "Making Architecture from Architecture" 

September 19
Adam Thies, Indiana University

September 26
Lisa Gray,  Gray Organschi Architecture

September 29 to October 1
Exhibit Columbus 2016 Symposium "Foundations and Futures"
Columbus, IN

October 03
Steve Woods, CRJA-IBI Group

October 24
Genevieve Baudoin, Dual Ecologies

November 7, 2016
Greg Ballard, Former Mayor of Indianapolis

November 14
Gena Wirth, Scape Studio


January 30
Jim Sweeney, Franklinton Development Association

February 6, noon AB021
Jonathan Lawler, Brandywine Creek Farms

February 13
Neil Denari, NMDA  "Values"

February 15, noon, AB100
Joshua Coggeshall, S+Ca

February 27
Shane Coen, Coen + Partners

March 13
Brad Tomecek, Tomecek Studio

March 20
Kona Gray, EDSA, Studio Gray

March 27
Aroussiak Gabrielian & Alison B. Hirsch
Foreground Design Agency       
Charles M. Sappenfield Guest Lecturers                          

April 17, noon AB100
Richard Tursky, Design Innovation Fellow Lecture

April 20 to 22
CAP Impact: Muncie Next
Symposium schedule TBD