Muncie Makes Lab

In the spring of 2014, students and several faculty from the College of Architecture and Planning (with a helpful dose of community support) worked to re-establish this downtown space for Ball State and community events. Envisioning its potential, students named the facility Muncie Makes Lab and established its participation in Muncie’s monthly First Thursday Art Walk in April 2014.

Muncie Makes Lab has become a community partner embedded in downtown and is a part of a vibrant and growing art scene. Providing space for gallery shows, hands-on learning through design-build, and space for crits and lectures, the Lab is truly a multi-functional building which enriches the culture of our community.

Muncie Makes Lab, at 628 S. Walnut Street, is open every first Thursday of the month from 5:00 - 8:00 pm, and by announcement for special events and workshops. For more information about the Lab and our events, please visit our Instagram page or feel free to reach out with a personal message with more questions or to schedule an event.

Find a calendar of our events and other downtown Muncie events here.  

Past Shows

From Chairs to Monuments

February 2018

Beef Baby, Beef Baby, Beef Baby

December 2017