Page Jump Links

How to use custom code link to a place on the current page:

1. Create a Link With a Unique ID: 

Add a text block, enter the text for the link, highlight, and click the link icon. Enter a hashtag followed by the text you want to be the unique ID. (example: #page-jump-links) The text can be anything but cannot have spaces. You can instead separate words with dashes. Note that ID's are case sensitive. Make sure the "Open in New Window" box is NOT checked. 

This will be a link to the bottom of the page

2. Link the Unique ID to a section on your page:

Scroll to the section of the page you want to link to, click an insert point and select the "Code Block."

Replace the words “Hello, World!” with the text you want on the page. Then add


inside the first tag, inserting your own unique ID between the quotation marks and, like this:

<p id="page-jump-link">This is where the link will jump to</p>

Note: do NOT include the hashtag from the unique ID


Additional information and more detailed directions can be found here