Kristin Barry, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Architecture

Kristin Barry is an assistant professor of Architecture at Ball State where she teaches courses in architecture history and theory. She was previously an Instructor at Penn State University, where she taught graduate courses in architectural history/theory, and survey courses in ancient art history and architecture. After receiving her Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Cincinnati, Kristin began working as an archaeological architect, and has worked in Greece, France, Israel, Egypt, and Turkey to document and interpret historical sites for a modern audience. Following her Master of Architecture from the University of Cincinnati, she was on the 2008 Masterplanning team at the Archaeological Site of Ancient Troy in Turkey working to redesign the tourism site to accommodate modern needs. Her research and publication explore how architecture and design in particular describe and interpret ancient remains, as well as change or affect historical understanding at some of the most popular archaeological sites in the world. Kristin is currently the site architect at the Hierakonpolis excavation in Egypt and volunteers with the PUP Global Heritage Consortium.