Glue is the student publication of the College of Architecture and Planning at Ball State University

Letter from the Editors

     Glue seeks to publish work from each department within CAP alongside interviews, articles, & historical revues. Not every project that earns an "A" in a design course, however, is right for us. A Glue project will go above and beyond an "A." 

     A Glue project will focus on depth over surface-level glamour, will challenge our most basic conceptions of the world, will make us want to know more about the ideas that are being worked with, & should make us stop for a moment and think. Most importantly, a Glue project will remind us of what it felt like to be here doing this work & let us take pride in the spaces we built together.

     If you think your project is a Glue project, send us an email at

Here's to the Next,
Benjamin M. Slightom & Megan A. York

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Glue Through the Ages