The department offers multiple design/build studios that develop skills and allow students to test their ideas on a range of scales and project types. Our computer and digital fabrication lab, 3-D simulation, preservation lab, and design/build woodshop support the diverse learning and research activities.



2016. Indianapolis Instructor: Tim Gray

GrOwING GREEN is a mobile greenhouse designed and constructed by a group of fourth year architecture students at Ball State University, and represents the fifth in a series of design build projects undertaken by students at the College of Architecture and Planning in support of Urban Farming operations in Indianapolis.  The project is funded by a Butler University Innovation Fund Grant and is the second project undertaken by BSU designing and constructing facilities at the Butler University Center for Urban Ecology (CUE).  A team of fourteen Ball State students working with Faculty Director Timothy Gray and project partners Travis Ryan and Tim Dorsey of Butler University, have designed a controlled environment to cultivate plant starts for the CUE farm.  Fabricated in Muncie on a customized flat bed trailer, the greenhouse will be transported to the CUE farm when complete.

Utopian_Dystopian Craft
Fall 2014 Instructor: Josh Coggeshall

Object making class that challenged notions of furniture through the lens of utopic and dystopic midwest societies. 

Headstart Playscape
2012. Muncie Instructor: Pam Harwood

The concept of “playscape” describes an environment where play structures, activity settings, and landscape features are uniquely designed into natural habitats. For the 300 preschool-age children at Head Start, the team is creating four natural habitats surrounding an outdoor classroom: Whimsical Woods, Wetland Wonder, Magical Meadows, and Peaceful Prairie.  The goal is to design spaces that promote creative play with natural elements.