Applying to the Graduate Program

Step One: apply to the Graduate School

Clicking the button below will open a BSU website window to begin your application to the graduate school.

STEP 2: apply to Dept. of Architecture

Upon completion of Step 1 (application to Graduate School), Julie Kratzner, Programs Assistant, will email you an invite to upload application materials into BSUbox.

Application (step 1 & 2) must be complete by January 19, 2018 for priority admission and consideration of financial assistance (i.e., graduate assistantship; scholarship). 


March 23, 2018 for 3-year M.Arch program (starts May 2018)

May 31, 2018 for 2-year M.Arch program (starts August 2018)

CAP Americano Sur with Prof Ana de Brea and Prof Jonathan Spodek

ARCH 602 Final Presentation at Muncie Makes Lab 

ARCH 602 Final Presentation at Muncie Makes Lab