Adding Lectures

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Lectures given in the CAP are recorded and posted to Ball State Mediasite. Check here first when when looking for lectures to post. It is not possible to embed the lectures directly into the webpage, so we use an image link to take users to the external site (in a new tab) instead. Note: links taken from the Mediasite website will go to the timestamp in the video when the link is copied. Be sure to grab the link at the start of the video.

Digital Media Repository

Another location for lectures (typically the older ones) is the Digital Media Repository. This is another place to check when looking for lectures to post, though it appears that newer lectures are posted to Mediasite (see above).


Lectures are added in groups of three. See image below for a sample row of three lectures.

Format for text below images can be copied and pasted from the following. All text is "normal" text (no heading). Note the soft return (shift+return) between the name of lecturer and the title of the lecture and the hard return between the title of the lecture and the date.

Name of Lecturer
"Title of Lecture"
or, if untitled, Name of Firm of Lecturer

January 1, 201X

The size for the image snips of the lectures from Mediasite or the Digital Media Repository is 2" x 2" at 300 pixels per inch. All images inserted must be this size in order for the alignment to remain consistent between items on screen. Use Photoshop to resize the images. Image size can be adjusted in Photoshop in the following place:

Image > Image Size

See the screenshot from Photoshop below.

Button and Line

Below the image and the text, add a button that contains an external link (open in a new tab) to the lecture on Mediasite or Digital Media Repository. The button is titled "Watch Lecture," it is aligned "left", and is the "small" size. Both the link and the button size are controlled in the button edit menu. See image below:

When adding the line, hover your mouse around the area where you want to add the line. You will see the insert bubble and a line appear in various places. You want to click when the line is underneath just your video image and associated text, not when it goes across the entire screen.